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We have different celebrations and functions at the Temple and in the surrounding area. Be sure to check this page for updates and new events.



Happy Chanukah to everyone! 

All faiths can celebrate the Festival of Lights, the miracles of the Maccabees and rebuilding the Temple. If possible attend our community menorah lighting. You will be welcome.


Temple Israel will light the large outdoor menorah every night of Chanukah at the times listed below.

We invite the public to join our members in celebrating the Festival of Lights each evening on the front lawn of Temple Israel & Community Hall located at 211 Baumgarten Street Schulenburg, TX.


On the seventh night, Saturday December 8th we invite everyone to stay for our Hanukkah Party and prayer service with traditional foods for this holiday.  If you would like to join us please RSVP at with your names and contact info.

Night 1  Sunday    Dec 2  5:40 pm
Night 2  Monday   Dec 3  5:40 pm
Night 3  Tuesday   Dec 4  5:40 pm
Night 4  Wed        Dec 5  5:40 pm
Night 5  Thursday  Dec 6 5:40 pm
Night 6  Friday     Dec 7  5:40 pm
Night 7  Saturday  Dec 8  5:40 pm
Night 8  Sunday    Dec 9  5:40 pm
Our Congregation would like to extend our thanks for the condolences and prayers we received after the horrific massacre in Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life Synagogue October 27, 2018.  We are grateful to our community for the continued acceptance, compassion and support our Central Texas communities have shown this Jewish House of Worship and its members.  Our solidarity as Jews and Christians is a light to the world that overcomes the darkness of evil.

 Sunday, March 19th, 2016 from 1 pm -  3 pm

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