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We are a congregation of amazing families, each with quite diverse backgrounds and often looking for different things. Whether you are looking for a house of worship, fellowship, a sense of being part of a Jewish community, or even a place to help you find your Jewish identity, you will be welcome here at Temple Israel, We embrace and welcome everyone.

At a time when rural Temples are struggling to survive, Temple Israel is having a resurgence of interest. Our congregation encompasses a very large area and we have recently begun offering activities  to accommodate our members that are farther away from Schulenburg. We have quite a few members closer to Round Top and La Grange so our first offsite event was a Chanukah party hosted in Burton, Texas which had close to 40 attendees. We look forward to more of these events and encourage you all to offer your homes and invite your friends. The future direction of the Temple is evolving. We welcome all that want to be a part of the journey.

Because we are a small community and a rural temple we do everything on our own. We count on our wonderful members to volunteer and appreciate all that we do for one another.

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